Blue Panorama Airlines S.p.A. (IATA code: BV; ICAO code: BPA) is an Italian airline, established in December 1998.

It carried 443 500 passengers in 2003.

This company has set up a low-cost subsidiary under the trade name Blu-Express (without ‘e’) which offers, inter alia, flights between Nice and Rome and from Grenoble-Isère airport.

A provisional licence was granted in October 2012 for one year to the company in financial difficulties, giving it one year to recover and possibly avoid bankruptcy3.

For several years, Blue Panorama Airlines has been charging significant fees to change the names of passengers on their reservations.

The airline charges €50 to €80 per flight and per passenger to add the passengers’ middle and third names to their tickets. The majority of traditional airlines do not charge a name change fee to complete the name change. Since 2019, it is compulsory to buy a full ticket if the middle name is not written on the ticket.

In Italy, where the company is based, most citizens have a single first name. The name change fee therefore mainly affects non-Italian travellers, who fail to fill in their middle and/or third first name when booking their trip.