I’ll take you’, free cab in Rome for the over 80 who need to get vaccinated

In the capital has started the campaign “Ti accompagnagno io” which provides a free cab ride for all over 80 years old alone who must reach the centers of Covid-19 vaccination.

The initiative put in place by the Ania Foundation was carried out in collaboration with the Cooperative Radiotaxi 3570, the Association Investigations3, the Foundation Univerde and with the patronage of Roma Capitale.

In one week – since March 10th – about a thousand people have already taken advantage of the service, which is valid for both outgoing and return journeys. People who are over 80 years old and can not count on anyone to accompany them to make the vaccine, can call 06.3570 and request a cab by pointing out that you are over 80 years old. The project “I’ll accompany you” was strongly supported by the Italian insurance industry.

Umberto Guidoni, Secretary General of the Ania Foundation: “The Ania Foundation is in the insurance market and is always close to people who may be in greater difficulty. We have seen that many people over 80 do not have the possibility of having someone able to accompany them for the vaccination campaign. So we thought of a double service useful: on the one hand help these people to go to the vaccination facilities and the other give support to the category of taxi drivers severely tested by this serious economic crisis. Let’s talk about taxi drivers of Rome, an initiative that has had good feedback”.

Excellent results have already been achieved: “A result above our expectations. All you have to do is call 3570, present a certificate of reservation of the vaccine to the rome airport taxi drivers and an identification document certifying your age. The taxi driver accompanies the person and then on the return the same procedure, totally free of charge”.

The Radiotaxi 3570 Cooperative, which has always been attentive to social and environmental issues, immediately embraced the initiative.

Loreno Bittarelli, President of the 3570 Cooperative: “The people we transport are delighted with this initiative that allows them to go and get vaccinated, in many cases they would not have been able to since many are alone and have no one to accompany them. They take us as guardian angels.” “It serves to give a minimum of relief to the category of taxi drivers exhausted by the crisis for a year now.” “Our hope is to extend it in the future to other age groups, perhaps the 70-year-olds, to help them too and keep the taxi drivers’ work moving.”

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