Six defibrillators installed at Ibiza airport to prevent cardiac death

The defibrillators are monitored with mobile technology that will transfer the call to the airport emergency services

ibiza airport
ibiza airport

Telefónica Empresas has begun the installation of six defibrillators monitored with mobile technology at the ibiza airport that will transfer the call to the airport emergency services, reported this company and Aena in a joint statement.

In this way, it is intended to reduce the number of deaths from cardiac arrest through a comprehensive service based on public access to defibrillation.

This initiative, which extends to the rest of the Aena airport network, is part of a larger project undertaken by the public administrations to fight sudden cardiac death, a disorder that can only be reversed if a defibrillator is nearby.

The defibrillator is used to evaluate the victim’s condition and, only if there is a cardiac arrest, is the necessary electric shock applied to reverse the condition. Telefónica also takes care of the integral maintenance of the devices so that they are available at all times.

The agreement between both companies includes the renewal of devices and the expansion of existing ones, also including training for non-healthcare personnel so that they can use them if necessary.
The monitoring and management of the defibrillator network will be done from the Digital Operations Center (DOC).

Sudden cardiac death is the sudden loss of pulse and consciousness caused by an unexpected failure of the heart’s ability to effectively pump blood into the body.

Most of these episodes of cardiac arrest are due to an alteration in the electrical conduction of the heart caused by a disorder called ventricular fibrillation, in which the heart has chaotic activity.

It can only be reversed if an electrical shock is applied within 3 to 9 minutes of the onset of symptoms. Every minute that passes, the chances of survival drop by 7 to 10 %.

The difficulty in accessing a defibrillator in such a short time explains why only 5% of sudden death victims survive.

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